Setting Goals and advice from Street Dance Professionals

Happy 2016!

I know it’s a bit late but you know, #newyearnewwebsite! I wanted to start the year with a bit of ‘go getting’ advice and what better way than to get it from some awesome guys making movements in the scene right now… We have a few wise words from Frankie J, Rhimes Lecointe and Tashan Muir.

But first can I ask, did you set yourself a New Year’s Resolution and if so, have you kept it?! The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on the past year to decide what you liked and what you didn’t like so much and then put a goal in place to make the following year even better. This can be something simple like ‘I’m going to be more friendly to my friends and family’ or a little more ambitious like I want to visit 3 countries this year. Whatever it is, I wanted to share a little advise and say be more specific with your goals. That is any type of goal, not just resolutions. One example could be ‘I want to get fit so I’m going to sign up in the gym’ – to make this more specific and attainable it would be better as ‘I want to get fit so I’m going to sign up at the gym this weekend and start off by going every Sunday morning for 1 hour. This helps you hold your promise to yourself and also makes it seem achievable (which it is) and in turn, will make you feel amazing when you do. Another good thing would be to tell a good friend or member of family your plan so they can keep you in check! 🙂

So, I thought it would be great to hear from a few people you might admire or at least have been in awe of their talent at one point in your life. I simply asked them the following;
Have you set yourself any New Year’s Resolutions this year?
And if you were to give your peers a bit of advice for this year what would it be?


Tashan Quote

Resolution: “To make my studio as successful as it can be and to keep pushing my student’s potentials to new heights.”
Advice: “Hmmm… Always be humble, work together and stay true to yourself!”

Tashan Muir is the choreographer and director of Unity Dance UK founded in 2005. As a leader of the crew credits include IDO World Champion 2008 and 2012 (choreographer 2014), Breakin’ Convention choreographer/performer 2007-2013 (7 years in a row), Got To Dance Semi Finalst 2010 (choreographer), Finalist 2012  and 2014 (choreographer) and of Entity Allstars finalists in Britains Got Talent 2015. You can find more about Unity UK at

Frankie J

Frankie J Quote

Resolution: Frankie had no resolutions but his advice is great and it seems that this is what he practices everyday anyway.
Advice: “Keep persevering, keep working hard and stay humble. Be one of the many wonderful attributes to the dance community and bring something that can help develop what we have in the UK. Just Try and DO :)”

Frankie J is a member of Plague are well and truly flying the flag for the UK dance scene. A huge inspiration, not just to other dance groups, but also to the rapidly growing popular of the streetdance movement here in the UK both commercially and underground. Frankie specialises in House and is a rare individual who matches his raw natural dance talent with hard work and discipline which has gained him recognition as one of the best house dancers in Europe.

Frankie is also part of collectives SoulFootwork, InDaHouse UK, Sui Generis, Quarterz Movement and Rhythmatic Crew.

Follow Frankie on Instagram @frankiejplague to follow his crazy dance journey and cool vids!


Rhimes Quote

Rhimes actually answered my questions and gave a little more in depth explanation. I’ve chose the 2 (out of 4) that I think you will be able to relate to the most and enjoy 🙂
1. To plan and strategise more. – To set aside time to specifically work through projects ahead of time in order to bring the best possible outcome.
2. Work more in areas where my comfortability is tested. – “One thing I have realised is that I have more gifting’s (things to give – personality, skills and talents) and although performance is great, there is so much more that can be pushed. So I need to put myself around people who will challenge me and not let me settle.”
Advice: “Don’t settle, stretch wider and further out of your comfort zone. Be as consistent as possible not letting anything slack but don’t murder yourself if you fail – forgive yourself and other quickly and keep going. Put yourself around like minded people and rest when you need to. Be diligent and be honest, honest to yourself and others making sure you keep the promises you make.”

Rhimes Lecointe is the CEO of The Boadicea Dance Company and has been in the Performance Industry for over a decade. Her extensive credits include ZooNation, Boy Blue Ent., Street Dance 3D, Dance Captain and Assistant Choreographer for the Olympic Opening Ceremony and has created choreography for The Digitized and The Limitless tour along with Diversity’s Ashley Banjo.
Follow Rhimes @Rhimeslecointe and check out VIDEO BELOW

I want to say a big thank you to Tashan, Frankie and Rhimes, I really appreciate the time taken out them to reflect, write down their wisdom and share with me so I could pass it on to you. There are 3 videos below for you to enjoy for your reference and also a comment area where we’d love to hear what your thoughts are goals and what goals you’ve set yourself for 2016!

Set a goal, make it specific and tell someone who will help you achieve the desired result. Take action!

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