Introducing: Dancer – Shannah Spry

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Along with the launch of our new website and the start of our blog, I wanted to firstly introduce you officially to a new member of our team: Shannah Spry – who will be now writing blog posts for your entertainment and knowledge. I asked Shannah to join us not only because she is an amazing dancer (in my eyes) but it is clear that she is diamond in the rough and people are just starting to see her sparkle. Shannah has only just turned 18 but is super passionate about the dance scene she has decided to take on, has an open experimental mind and is hungry to learn. Along with that, she shares so much!

Shannah is from Manchester but travels between there and London for training in between her full time studying at college. Her platform so far has only been Facebook and Instagram where she keeps all her followers laughing, maybe sometimes crying but definitely inspired with her findings through natural searches, her own research and the stuff the that keeps her motivated to keep pushing.

Shannah and I have spoken a lot since and have similar interests in terms of keeping everybody informed and educated but also to encourage debates to help people to see other sides of the story and discover things they might not have on their own.

After Shannah kindly accepted my invite to come on board I asked her some specific questions that I felt would help myself and anyone reading this get to know her a little bit better, questions that will be brought up again in the future with other dancers and choreographers so you can see what makes them tick! So, meet Shannah.

What are your aspirations in dance?

My aspirations in dance are to first and foremost always be a student, I love absorbing new knowledge and want to try as many styles as I can. In the future I would love to become a choreographer and teach around the globe to share a little piece of myself and my mind-set with everyone who wants to learn!

Watch Shannah in action!

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Learn more about Shannah…

What do you think would make the DANCE world a better place?

I think in the dance world I wish people would look past the hype sometimes and search for raw, underground talent. I wish people would realise that your own movement that comes naturally to you is so unique whether you think so or not.

My pet hate is for those who go to classes just to get choreography and to be noticed by certain choreographers. Dance is a journey and more people need to realise that soaking in as much as you can is always going to help you in the long run, trying to learn how to take class better and making yourself grow at your own pace is going to make you the best version of yourself!

How many dance events/competitions have you been to this year? Which was your best experience and why?

This year (2015), I attended SOAR HDI Easter, Dance Adventures Weekender, Dance Adventures Summer Camp, Manchester Dance Camp, and SOAR HDI Summer Camp. For me personally HDI Summer was my favourite, as well as making connections with the most incredible people, I was surrounded by pure talent and it was so overwhelming but it helped me find myself even more and after talking to Tony Tzar in the first ever class I learned to trust in my own style because he noticed something in me and I’ll never forget that moment. Every single day something I never dreamed of happening actually happened.

It was just a game changer for me and has made me so hungry to dance, I feel addicted to dance right now ahah!

Words to live by:

I would say “Know your worth, never let anybody tell you that your aspirations are impossible and to be happy, work everyday to be better than the last because we can never stop absorbing.”

So what about you, what are your words to live by? I hope this was a good introduction to Shannah and that you feel like you know her a little. If not, feel free to comment below and ask questions and she’ll be sure to respond. But if you can be patient, follow us and Shannah on this journey because we’re sure that it will be fruitful for you!

You can follow Shannah for more juice and regular updates on Instagram and Twitter @ShannahSpry 🙂

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